Authentication and making your first call

In this tutorial, you will learn about authentication in the RecoverPoint for VMs new RESTful API. You will initiate a call to list the vRPA cluster that is connected to the plugin server. The new RecoverPoint for VMs RESTful API uses Basic Authentication where the vCenter user credentials have administrator privileges.

Get vRPA clusters

The following examples show how to retrieve information about registered vRPA clusters:

curl --request GET \ --url https://{plugin-server}/api/v1/rp-clusters \ --user username:password

Alternatively, you can use a base64-encoded username:password:

curl --request GET \ --url https://{plugin-server}/api/v1/rp-clusters \ --header 'authorization: Basic {base64}'

You can also use this simplified command structure:

curl -k -X GET -U username:password https://{plugin-server}/api/v1/rp-clusters

Sample response:

        "address": "",
        "connectionStatus": "OK",
        "id": "1e986bd0663f945",
        "isRegistered": true,
        "name": "Venice",
        "rpSystemId": "9129107775554947261",
        "version": "5.3(m.403)"
        "id": "4f8ec84cd12ebad0",
        "isRegistered": false,
        "name": "Tokyo",
        "rpSystemId": "9129107775554947261",
        "version": "5.3(m.403)"