RecoverPoint for VMs (v5.3) REST API

Introduction to RecoverPoint for VMs REST API

RecoverPoint for VMs is a software-only, data protection solution for protecting VMware VMs. RecoverPoint for VMs is storage agnostic and enables replication of vSphere VMs on any storage type to any type of storage.

Note: In this guide, “RecoverPoint for VMs” or “the system” refers to RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines 5.3 or later and exclusively describes the new RESTful API.

Basic concepts

REST API endpoint

The RecoverPoint for VMs REST API endpoint:

https://{plugin-server-IP or FQDN}/api/{API-VERSION}/{RESOURCE}

The current API version is v1.

Data formats

The RecoverPoint for VMs REST API supports JSON data format for both payload of the request and the response.

Content-Type: application/json

Accept: application/json

Backward and forward compatibility

As additional features are added to the product, APIs may change. Observe these common practices when dealing with API changes:

  • Deprecated APIs and fields: Do not use them. Deprecated APIs and fields are removed when the infrastructure no longer supports them.
  • Handling requests and responses in JSON: Exercise flexibility and tolerance with unrecognized fields and enumerations. New fields and enumerations might be added in support of new features such as a new asset type or new protection type. If you do not use them, ignore these fields and enumerations when they are not recognized.


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